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Our Services

Cleaning & Stain Removal
For General Cleaning and Stain Removal, your items will receive a deep cleanse using our unique formulations to extract dust, dirt and grime. A replenishing moisturizer will also be applied to leather. This restores a clean, fresh look on your item in and out.

Color Restoration
If you have a slightly older bag that has faded in color, this is the makeover that will have it looking almost brand-new again! Your bag will undergo pH restoration, stain removal, moisturizing and color restoration to the closest color. Also available for other accessories.

Oil Extraction (on leather only)
Leather that has been exposed to the sun and the natural oils from our bodies will darken with time. This treatment restores darkened leather to its former, light color, through a process that extracts oils from the leather and then a color correction, if necessary.

Silk Treatments
This is the luxury treatment your bags will thank you for.  Look forward to a moisturizing treatment, followed by color enhancement, and ending with leather shine restoration. This treatment leaves all material feeling silky smooth. A blend of silk protein, emollients and surfactants penetrates the leather to strengthen it. Works wonders for especially dry, damaged leather.

Shine Restoration
This process involves reviving and enhancing color, while restoring shine to dulled leather. We apply a glossing agent to reactivate faded color and utilize emollients to add softness. The process is finalized with a treatment to lock in the shine.

Some other services that MyBagSpa offers include:

  • Remove Coated Cotton
  • Remove Odor
  • Patchwork Cleaning
  • Vachetta/Untreated Leather
  • Color Change
  • Retain Trimming
  • Scratch Repair
  • pH Correction